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Let’s get a jump on 2018

Let’s get a jump on 2018

Or should we wait around for January 1 so we can make a resolution?

I don’t know about you, but 2018 is going to be my year. Although I’d have to admit that, according to proper Every Single Day philosophy, every year should be your year, every year should be better than the last and we should enjoy each one for new reasons and with new enthusiasm.

Sure, I get it. But I’m really excited about 2018.

Ceske Velenice

That’s what the sign on the front of the train I’m on says. I’m somewhere in the middle of Austria on what I’m pretty sure is the right train going to a tiny town that might have a bus that’s going to take me to the next tiny town where I have a loose agreement with someone who might pick me up there so we can start a week of … writing.

I’m getting a jump on 2018 by spending the last week of November 2017 at a writer’s retreat. I’ve never really been to a writer’s retreat, but I don’t think this is going to be a regular one.

It’s in a castle in some even-lesser-known-even-tinyer village than the ones I’ve been going through so far this afternoon. Together with author authorpreneurs, we’re going to spend a week writing and working on marketing out books.

Or at least that’s what I think we’re going to be doing.

Part of me doesn’t care about the “tactics” as long as the overall “strategy” is on target.

If your Strategy is misdirected, your Tactics don’t matter.

In fact, that’s my goal for 2018: get a firm and clear strategy and then we can toy around with the tactics. I feel like lately I’ve been just going with whatever tactics with less of a larger goal.

Which is why I’m heading where I’m heading: a week to focus on my writing strategy for 2018.

What are you doing for 2018? Are you waiting around for January 1 so you can, I don’t know, buy a calendar to go along with it? Don’t wait for the official start date, get going now and get a jump on 2018.

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