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Turn Your Blog into a Book

Turn Your Blog into a Book

So, you’re writing on a regular basis, but are you building that towards a book? Why not?

With 1,600+ posts under my belt, a book titled “Turn Your Blog into a Book” is music to my ears.

Turn Your Blog into a Book

Turn Your Blog into a Book

Dr. Beth Brombosz puts together a compelling case to turn your blog posts (in other words, your regularly posting writing that you’re doing anyway, right?)

Sure, now that self-publishing is common, anyone can write a book on any topic of their choice. But, most people don’t write a book. — Beth Brombosz

She does a great job of simply listing reasons why you should repurpose your blog content into a book format. Here are just a few:

  1. You’ll help others (by getting your book into their hands),
  2. You’ll reach a new audience (audiences that might not read blogs),
  3. You’ll build authority (to help your blog!),
  4. You could earn money (passive income).

But she is also careful to note that none of this matters if you’re not looking to sell books and/or make money. If you’re happy plodding along blogging for kicks, then you don’t need to read this book. But if you are looking to make sales, she even gets into helping you plan your future book to help it sell better.

She’ll help you with identifying your audience, testing book ideas and writing an outline.

If you’re already writing, but you haven’t quite made the leap towards author status, have a look at her book to see whether or not it’s a good idea. Grab some more of Beth’s insight at her site Blogger to Author.

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