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Every morning for weeks now, I wake up to this racket!

Every morning for weeks now, I wake up to this racket!
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How is anyone supposed to sleep around here?

Our life has drastically changed over the past half year or so. We’ve gone from city life to country life. I’m slowly getting used to it, but the just sounds alone are different enough to drive someone … batty.

My morning mind is taking some time getting used to no longer having the sounds of:

  1. Car alarms. A regular “nature sound” in our old neighborhood. In the morning, you could scout the neighborhood and see if you could find the broken glass from the break-in. (You usually could.)
  2. Screaming crazy people. San Francisco is a haven for, hmm, I don’t know how quite to say this: crazy people. The thing is that they would scream while walking down the street. Not singing to themselves, screaming like the world is on fire (their world might indeed be on fire). It scared my oldest boy to the point where he didn’t want to go outside at night. Yeah, me either.
  3. Pothole direct hits. There was a good size pothole on the busy street near our house. When a truck hit it at the right angle, it shook the truck and even rattled our house. It wasn’t just the sound, but you could feel it. Ba-boom! Front axle, back axle.
  4. Honking cars. People gotta get to work and they’re late! Let’s honk at people! That will help. Yeah, I don’t know if it really helps. But we hear it in our homes. Thanks!
  5. K-crash! Have you ever heard a car accident? There’s a distinct crunching metal sound that you never forget. If you get the full story, you’ll often hear the engine rev, then skidding tires, then the k-crunch, kah-blam of metal folding. It’s not a nice sound. Bonus Sound: it was a steep street and when a non-local couldn’t navigate their brake and clutch and hand brake, they might accidentally back into your car. Then you get a minor kah-crash and you even get #1, car alarms. Double bonus!

OK, I have to stop. It sounds like we lived outside of a highway. Well, we kinda did. But that wasn’t the point of this post. What is the point of this post, you’re asking! I know, seriously!

It’s like one of those “nature sounds” alarm clocks–but there’s no snooze button.

It’s like we’re on another planet now.

This happens right outside our door and I’ve looked at my alarm clock and it doesn’t have those sounds. My alarm clock has this ding-dong dang-ding lullaby that barely wakes me up. But this racket now!? There is no snooze on this sound. It just keeps going. Maybe I should get a shotgun and put an end to this!

I’ll let you listen in and let me know what you think and if you have any solutions to put an end to the insanity.

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