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unGlue. Internet. Balanced.

unGlue. Internet. Balanced.

If it sounds too good to be true … please be true, please be true!

Not only solve your family’s screen time issues, but make it a learning experience where they improve their time management and help around the house!? Nah, I’m good. Our household is perfect except when they want to practice piano for hours beyond their lesson or when they only speak Mandarin at dinner to remind us of how less-multilingual we are compared to them or when they pester and pester to help out around the house when they know that there’s nothing left to do because they’re just so dang efficient!

Too much screen time. It’s a problem all parents face. Now there’s a solution that gives kids the power to learn healthier habits — within your boundaries. It’s not about parental control. It’s about teaching them to manage their own time. —

I think I wrote about goldfish recently and how they couldn’t regulate their eating and they would explode if you just let them keep eating. That’s about as close as we are to “self regulation” on screen time. Unless, of course, there are circumstances in which screen time becomes less important:

  1. The house is on fire (which, in itself is not a big problem, but if the router melts, we’re doomed)
  2. There’s a bigger screen on somewhere with something even more exciting moving at a higher speed.
  3. A calculation is made that battery life will be extended if they stop now and do something else (like eat for the first time in hours) and charge to extend future screen time.

#3 takes a little more brain power and is not often achieved.

But unGlue? “Internet. Balanced.” Do they have kids?

It’s worth a try. I’m also writing this post so I don’t allow myself to, at least publicly, not try it out. I’ll post back here … if I’m not handcuffed to the router with bread and water through mutiny.

Everything you need to teach your kids how to balance their online time.

Everything? I’d be happy with anything.

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