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Vitamix Alternatives in Europe

Vitamix Alternatives in Europe

I’m 5,246 miles away from my Vitamix. I miss it dearly. What are my options?

I thought about bringing it from the States, but it weighs more than all of my pants put together. I’d also have to deal with overheating a transformer and possibly blowing the neighborhood fuse box when I pulsed some pumpkin soup. It just wasn’t an option.

So I’m in the market for a better-than-a-regular-blender machine. I looked up Vitamix and they are for sale, but their prices are roughly double than in the States–and there it’s already the equivalent of 94 trips to Jamba Juice. I might have to reconsider my brand loyalty.

Vitamix Alternatives in Europe. What am I going to do with a wrinkly nectarine and bruised apple?

Vitamix Alternatives in Europe. What am I going to do with a wrinkly nectarine and bruised apple?

I’m ready to sacrifice other “necessities” (or maybe they’re luxuries) to rekindle my romance with my super powered blender, but I’m curious what else is out there. I can’t be the only one on the continent who doesn’t want to pay 600 Euros to obliterate their okra.

A quick search online found a few people as serious about the topic as I am. A few of them seemed to possibly be resellers or at least on some sort of commission as they were pushing a certain brand or another. But their point was clear: there are alternatives to the reigning queen of cuisine: The Vitamix.

While at the MediaMarkt (like a BestBuy) shopping for a coffee machine for my tea (that’s another topic), I found an entire aisle of blenders from the cheapies that might mix up milk with an old banana to a 749 Euro Blendtec beauty.

As often happens when shopping for something you know quite a bit about, I knew more than the salespeople. But there were so many options and I also saw photos and even videos of my main question: is it powerful enough to juice greens?

There’s the entry level “Magic Bullet” which looks very gimmicky but apparently can handle greens and nuts–which is what I’m looking for. The company’s product line has at least 6 models with increasing watts, thousands of rotations per minute and other features.

If even the little Bullet thing could handle greens, than certainly the more powerful in the line could do it too. Watts went from 600 all the way up to 1,700. Rotations per minute that I could find information on went from 10,000 to 20,000. Prices went from 79 Euros all the way to 299.

The entry level models were shaped like the Bullet with the upside-down container and a thinner profile. The more powerful models had more of a Vitamix format with the larger motor than a more standard larger jug with handle with the lid on the top. I prefer the lid on top and ideally with an opening where I can keep dropping in whatever I feel like as things are already going.

There’s a new factor in my decision as we now also have a very small refrigerator. I like to make smoothies and juices and put what’s not finished into the fridge still in the container. In this way, I have a running smoothie or juice for several days and I keep adding ingredients and also don’t have to wash it all the time. But with the tiny fridge, the smaller model containers work perfectly. Even better than the much larger Vitamix container.

I almost feel like I’m cheating on my steady girlfriend: my dearest Vitamix. I know it’s odd. If you have (and love) one, you know.

I’ll keep you posted on all of these flings with other, less beautiful models.


  1. Mom

    Ahhh, life’s problems

  2. Sabrina

    Amy conclusion? I too need a powerful blender at less than 600euros…

    • Bradley

      Hi Sabrina,
      Well, yes and no. I finally bought this one: Nutri Ninja and it’s OK, but it’s just not the same as a Vitamix. We also weren’t sure that we were going to be staying in Europe, so I didn’t want to spend all kinds of money, so I got that cheap one. But now we’re staying, so now I’m back on the hunt for an excellent blender. If you are willing to spend 600 Euros, you can look at the Optimum 9400, see the links in the article above.
      Thanks for the note, Sabrina!

      • Jill Jansen

        This is a really late post. I brought my Vitamix blender ( refurbished model) with me to the Netherlands and then ordered a transformer on Amazon. It worked perfect for both my Vitamix and my slow cooker. I used it every day over there for five years.

        • Bradley

          Wow, it’s that easy? What kind of transformer? Could you share an Amazon link?

          • Audrey

            Yes! What kind of transformer? I, too, am on an hunt for cheaper vitamix…

          • Bradley

            I wish I knew, Audrey!

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