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A real person who shares stuff they enjoy.

A real person who shares stuff they enjoy.

In case you needed a one-sentence description of what a writer is, this is it:

A real person who shares stuff they enjoy.

The real person being the writer.
Stuff being books (or novellas or anything).
They being readers.
Enjoy being what they do with it.

That’s really it.

I’m in several book marketing groups and workshops and Facebook groups. This one-liner came from not the hosts of the group, but a fellow student. That’s the beauty of the industry: we’re in it together. We help each other. We teach each other. We share, we learn, we give feedback, we like, click, and buy. We’re all in it for the love of story, we all need to pay the bills, but we truly know that there are enough readers on the planet to go around and each writer can find his or her own following and they can overlap, they can be fickle, they can become die-hard fans.

Who is that writer behind the cover? The name in the big letters? What do they do? For whom? And why?

A real person who shares stuff they enjoy.

If you were ever looking for a simple definition of what a writer is, or at least, a writer who knows that marketing is part of a successful career, look no further.

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