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Can we strengthen memories of big events?

In the moment itself, can we try to “stop time” and “remember” right there that this moment will be remembered for a long time? That this day is something that will live in the record books for maybe decades to come?

It’s not that JFK was shot today or the Twin Towers were destroyed, but the Golden State Warriors basketball team won more games in the regular season than any other team has ever done. Sure, if you’re not into basketball, it doesn’t mean much and you certainly won’t remember this day.

But what about for those who do think it’s a big day? If we tell ourselves that it’s a big day, does that influence it … being a big day in our memories?

“Why not go out and take advantage of an opportunity that may never come again. That’s kind of what I think about every day.” — Stephen Curry

I enjoy “toying” with my kids’ memories and trying to mold them somewhat. I will embolden something that I think they should remember (family events, important world events). But also, fun times that we have together and to build memories that we experience while in each other’s company.

If you mention that it’s a big deal, it helps it actually become more of a big deal.

Will my boys remember this day? Who knows. It doesn’t really matter. But it’s fun trying. It’s also fun seeing later on what they do actually remember. Often it has absolutely nothing to do with the days that you built up to be so memorable. That’s the beauty of parenting: we have little idea how much influence we have, but we can try.


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