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Stayer Cycling

Stayer Cycling

If everyone is behind a motorcycle, why not just remove the motorcycle?

NOTE: I was going to title this something like, “If you just have someone in front of you to follow, you can cruise with little effort at great speed.” Or something about how much faster (better, stronger, successful, etc.) you could be if someone was always in front of you. Especially if that person has an engine you don’t.

But if you’re all behind individual motorcycles, I don’t get it. I suppose it’s not the same as a water-skier where they just have to hold on. The cyclist isn’t attached to the motorcycle, they’re just profiting from the breaking of the wind. So they go faster, great. But then they all go faster. Does it matter if your motorcyclist is heavier and larger or taller so they break an even large pocket of wind?

I have to admit, I didn’t really understand this form of sport. As a cyclist, I know how much of a factor it is to have another cyclist in front of you parting the wind for you. You follow in his slipstream and draft. When you have it just right, it’s almost as if you’re being sucked into the air of the rider in front of you.

But it’s give and take. You take turns in the front. Being the leader of pain breaking the wind for everyone behind you. But with this form of racing, everyone had a motorcycle in front of them. I don’t get it. Why don’t they just not have the motorcycle in front of them and just race?


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