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Who cares about the stuff nobody cares about?

Who cares about the stuff nobody cares about?

There’s only one person I could tell about what happened today who would care.

It wouldn’t mean anything to most people. In fact, it wouldn’t matter to anyone but two people on the planet. That’s not too many people. But for the two of those people, it means something, it’s something to share.

An event can be special to you, but it’s usually something that you share with someone else that gives that extra bit of importance.

In fact, because only the two of them care about it, it makes it all the more special.

It doesn’t need to be:

  • Big
  • Important
  • Newsworthy
  • Valuable

It doesn’t need to be anything other than what the two (or more) of you share.

Isn’t this pretty much what good friends (no, best of friends) and family are for? For the stuff that no one else cares about? For the stuff that would make people stand up and take notice only because it was so not noteworthy!

What are those often silly people things that people share? Often, it takes the other person’s passing to notice them. Then miss them. Then hope that you shared those moments (especially the really dumb ones as those are usually the best) enough.

For the record and not because this is of interest to any of you, but the tree trimmer guys were here today and they chopped off a huge part of the top of the big tree next to our house. Only my dad, of all humans on the planet, would join me in celebrating this event and only he would understand why it’s important. Yep, that’s the stuff I miss about my dad.


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