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What I would really, really like is …

What I would really, really like is …

Does that thing that you want exist? If not, build it! If so, improve on it.

Chances are that what you’re looking for exists, but that’s OK, you could still build it (unless it’s a rocket ship). If you really, really want this thing, chances are:

  1. Others want it too.
  2. Others might like your version of it (as much / even more / enough to buy yours).

Here was what I was dreaming about this morning:

A “Roadmap” from writer to Writer (note that caps). From a hobbyist writer to Professional Writer. It would have checklists, questions, inspirational quotes along the way, but ideally, it would also track your progress. Ideally, graphically. You’re clearly on Section 3 of Module 2 and you can see that you’re 35% finished with Module 2 and 12% done with the entire course. You can check boxes for the tiniest of items (“Choose category in Kindle Direct Publishing for your book.”). The entire roadmap is overwhelming (maybe there are, I don’t know, 1,000 steps total), but that’s good beefcake you know you’re determined and you want more steps so the next guy quits after 137 steps and you keep going and you succeed.

There’s what I really, really want. Does it exist? I don’t know, I haven’t looked.

It might be far away, but if you really want it, you'll get there. [Grand Canyon, Arizona]

It might be far away, but if you really want it, you’ll get there. [Bryce Canyon, Arizona]

Just Tell Me What To Do

Busy people don’t have time to decide between Path A or Path B (much less paths C, D or E). You’re the expert, tell them which path to go down, what they should be doing along the way and where they’ll end up. They can deviate from the path, but you’re giving them a direction, a nudge to get going. They’ll happily divert from the path and that’s great and healthy, but you’re giving them the option of following the rules, the guidelines, the roadmap.

What’s the dream product or service you would love to have? Does it exist? Could you do it better?


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