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Do you have to pay to play?

Do you have to pay to play?

Are the days of organic reach and on-page SEO over?

But content is still king, right?

I’m taking a course about Facebook Ads for Authors and one might think that the days when you could put up a website or FB page and get some organic traffic are over. Or let’s put it this way: if it’s not dead, it might at least have a foot in the cemetery.

Your post on Facebook, even your page or your group, might not have the reach that paid advertising does. I’m sorry, it doesn’t have the reach. Maybe you don’t have to pay to play, but you can pay and play better.

It’s not just a question of money, however. As I’m learning in the course, there’s an art and a science to it all. Most writers don’t like to hear these words, but let’s just toss a few around for old time’s sake:

  • Copywriting
  • Audience
  • Branding

What about a good story? How about a page turner?

I remember a quote that said something like:

It’s not called the “Best Writing List,” it’s called the “Best Seller List.”

But what if you have really excellent content and you just know it’ll rise to the top? Will that really happen? Or will another writer come along who knows more about copywriting, audience, and branding and you’ll be left in the virtual dust?

Here’s a thought: play the game.

It’s, by definition, no longer The Old Days. Things have changed. If you’re dreaming of the big contract or the #1 best seller, keep it up! But play the game while you’re at it.

Trust in your dreams. But keep an eye on reality.

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