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Is it perfect yet? Oh, it might be too late.

Is it perfect yet? Oh, it might be too late.

Waiting for perfection? You’re in the wrong line.

You might think it’s not done, but there’s a chance it was done a long time ago, maybe right after you began, no, maybe before you started.

“But it’s not perfect yet!” you scream, hands raised in the air and a look on your face that clearly says, ‘You obviously don’t understand anything I’m doing.’

But that’s just it. I don’t understand anything you’re doing. I just really want to understand a tenth of what you’re doing. In fact, I truly don’t want to know 100% of what you’re doing. Furthermore, I probably won’t ever know 100% of what you know because, sorry, I don’t care.

You care. You might care too much.

But you know 100 things and you’re trying to perfect 100 things. I don’t need 100 perfect things. I need 10 really good things. Maybe 1 perfect thing. Let’s do a little math.

You probably could have given me 1 perfect thing before you started. Because that 1 thing you know well. You know it well because it’s what gave birth to most of the other 99. You know and love that 1 thing like you gave birth to it (you may have). If you had just told me that 1 thing and explained it well enough so that I could understand that 1 thing even 50%, I’d be thrilled.

WARNING: math equation ahead.

Math: not 100 perfect things but 50% of 1 thing. That’s 0.5% of the total. That’s 1 out of 200. That’s not much.

You think it’s nothing. I think it’s everything.

That’s all I want. Just to know 1/2 of that 1 thing.

You’re stuck on perfecting thing #72 and I’m asleep. I’m worse than asleep, I’ve left the theater. I might be down the street and you’re never going to find me again. I’m gone.

I thought I’d close by saying just finish the 100 things, but it might be too late. You might have to start a new 100 things. But find the 1 thing I need and forget the other 99. Teach me the 1 thing and then I’ll wait for the other 99. Deal?

Waiting for perfection? You're in the wrong line.

Waiting for perfection? You’re in the wrong line.


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