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Are you the same person in the morning as the evening?

Are you the same person in the morning as the evening?

I’m not sure my DNA would even match up.

If there is a test that compared some measurements (I’m not even sure what they should be) from a person in the morning and a person in the evening, I’m so curious as to how different they might be.

Your weight, your blood-sugar level, the oxygen in your blood. Your skin, your retinas–what would they say? Is your brain tuned up and wide awake in the morning or is it just rolling out of bed with the rest of your body? Where are your thoughts, your dreams, your priorities and your perspectives?

I have a whole new appreciation for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

“There must be studies.”

Morning person or night owl? Maybe you're a bit of both.

Morning person or night owl? Maybe you’re a bit of both.

The physical transformation isn’t quite as extreme as with The Incredible Hulk, but sometimes it feels like the changes on the inside as at least as drastic. Is it a bad thing? Does it matter? Is it really more of a question of how to balance, how to work with it and use the differences to your advantage?

Even a quiz or a test or a multiple choice exam taken, maybe again and again, in the mornings and then again in the evenings. Maybe on different days or randomly. How you react to situations, what you decide based on when in the day the question is asked. It’s fascinating.

Imagine if you could, say, take tests for a week and learn when you should be doing what in your day? Wouldn’t that be helpful? You get a report that told you, with some level of uncertainty, of course, what type of person you are in the mornings versus the evenings.

P.S. In case this isn’t clear, many posts on this site start out as a tiny idea. Some fizzle out, some make it to the finish line. But others take off like a rocket. Just chalk it up to another to write Every Single Day.

Here’s a meta joke: it’s late and I’m actually too physically and mentally tired to take this idea much further right now. What popped into my mind was an extended report on what the person should be doing in the morning and evenings to optimize his or her life. Imagine the power this would have on people. Consider how this could affect work productivity, scheduling, even relationships.

Maybe this is a post that I come back to with a full (albeit fake) report on what this might look like. But for now, I have to admit an exception to the rule because I would have stated that I have zero (or very little) creative flow in the evenings. But then I started this post and got to here.

Sure, maybe the idea is forgotten by morning, but it’s one of those that at least makes me do a double take where I dare to dream big and envision how it would look. I have no idea how the science or testing might go, but I can certainly imagine the results and impact on people’s lives. This could be worth coming back to … in the morning.


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