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Day 87: Dare to accept the occasional odd request.

Day 87: Dare to accept the occasional odd request.

If you hesitate in the slightest, just say yes.

Why not? What might happen if you say yes? I’m not talking about the client you don’t want, the job you would rather not take, but this is the occasional request you get where you’re not even sure what they’re asking, it’s not even clear what the outcome might be and you just say yes.

What do you have to lose? Sure, calculate that, but then if the answer is anything like, “Not much!” then go for it.

I expected boring. I was ready for being nice and pretending it was interesting, but watching the clock.

I was asked to come help students with their English in a university track biology class at my son’s new school.

Let’s do a quick cost/benefit assessment:

  1. Biology? I know nothing about biology.
  2. I don’t know the kids. Or the teacher. Or the school.
  3. I have books to write.
  4. The dog needs to go out.
  5. I really need to paint the staircase.
  6. Biology? Really? Not even math or english or passive income marketing? 😉

We could turn each of these assessments on their head and say that each is a reason to do it or it’s a reason not to do it. It’s up to you. Where are you now in your decision making? How do you decide what to do and what not to do?

Expect the Unexpected

I will say yes to most things these days that have any possible element of the unexpected. When I don’t know what’s going to happen, I’m in. If there’s an element of surprise, put me in front of the line. If there’s just a chance I’ll learn something and can teach something even greater, you’re going to have a hard time holding me back.

Dutch Life: This is a continuing series on our family’s adventures as we start a new life in The Netherlands. From raising kids bilingually to travel destinations to Euro gadgets, follow along to learn what we don’t know.

What’s asked of you that you’ve said no to recently? What might you say yes to soon? Think about it. No, better idea: don’t think about it. Just say yes.

P.S. Check out the caption on the photo below for what we did in class.

Dare to accept the occasional odd request. [Revius Lyceum, Doorn, Holland]

Dare to accept the occasional odd request. [Looking at a red onion at 400x enlargement, Biology class, Revius Lyceum, Doorn, Holland]

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