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If you can just get that first ___________ (contract, review, dollar, etc.) you know you can make it.

If you can just get that first ___________ (contract, review, dollar, etc.) you know you can make it.

I just got an offer to produce the audiobook for my “Every Single Day.”

That was all I needed.

With the exception of that “first time” coming from your neighbor Gertrude (logging in with your sister’s account) to get that first book review, the first “person I don’t know” review is the most important.

The first dollar (or Euro) earned (again, Gertrude’s dollar doesn’t count here) is proof that someone, somewhere will pay for what you’re offering.

Or, like I got yesterday, that first tug at the line that there is someone out there who shows genuine interest is all you need to then … show that to a bigger fish to possibly get a better deal.

Or use that dollar to make two dollars.

Or show the review to another potential reviewer when asking for a review.

It’s social proof and it’s real.

But you need that first one.

How do you get the first one?

You need to create and hit publish. Get your work out there.

Do you know the odds of getting that first dollar, the first review, or the audiobook contract offer if you don’t have your work out there?

It’s a real easy number to understand: it’s zero. Like ” 0 ” or 1 – 1 = 0 or what happens before the number 1 and 2 steps before the number 2.

Math Bonus Section

Do you know what zero multiplied by any other number is? It’s still zero. So if you produce zero books or paint zero paintings or hope for zero audiobook contracts and you want to multiply that by a bigger number, you’ll still be at zero.

So, how to get to one?

Are you still sitting there reading this?

Get rolling.

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