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Need incentive to live your dream?

Need incentive to live your dream?

How about when you’re on the way to your dream, like in the fast lane with no traffic, you go back to doing what you hated doing?

If that’s not motivation …

Here’s a screenshot of what I despise:

Need to remember what you love? Remind yourself of what you hate. [domain name DNS records]

Need to remember what you love? Remind yourself of what you hate. [domain name DNS records]

Click to enlarge that stunning shot of what I just don’t need to (ever) see again in my life.

I write this tonight not from the freedom of the future and the luxury of looking back at something I used to do but no longer do, but rather from the gas station on the way to the future. The one with the toilet so questionable that you’re glad you don’t have to sit (and if you have to sit, you’re also exercising your quads). The sink so nasty it’s hygienically safer to not wash your hands. You’re stuck here while the station is on hold while the tanker fills the ground with gasoline and you wait because you have to.

You’re stuck, on your way somewhere else.

The past is going to look a whole lot rosier from the future.

But you relish in the idea that you won’t have to return here, hopefully ever and if you do, you’ll know you’re just passing through and you’ll even smile at the nasty bathroom and remember back when you stopped here and you were on your way to the future but you weren’t quite there. This time, you’ve been in the future and you’re just doing a little road trip down memory lane and this was an accidental stop.

I smile as I write this (and I haven’t been smiling for hours as visions of DNS and MX records dance through my head). Waiting for domains to propagate and typing in PIN numbers into keypads. Talking tech with the help desk and feeling oddly at home with all of the jargon. Jargon that, someday in the near future, will be used only on birthday cards as jokes of what we used to talk about, but not in the daily life of … well, anyone I know.

  • I hate doing this.
  • I’ve hated this for as long as I can remember.
  • I should have never been doing this.
  • It’s OK. It’s over now.
  • I can move on.

So, farewell DNS records. So long, MX records. I would say that’s it’s been great and it’s been real but it hasn’t been great and it’s been too real.

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