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What other senses do you use to help you make decisions?

What other senses do you use to help you make decisions?

How do you know when to do what in your life?




Which all leads to the true question burning last week in the news:

Is Lu coming out of retirement?

Last week I was overtaken by the gods of creation and I wrote chapters one after the other and Li & Lu came to life. I wrote thousands, no, tens of thousands of words as Lu took over my consciousness and just wanted to come alive from the page. I was no longer in control.

Today, biking to school, Lu asked me what I wrote about in the castle in Austria.

He’s the only one who asked me that question. 

He asked if I was writing blog posts. I said that I was writing books. He said that I should write a fantasy.

I said that I was. But he said that I shouldn’t write about Li & Lu because they didn’t have any magic powers. I suggested that maybe Li & Lu should have magic powers.

“Ooh,” he said. He’s been saying it quite a lot lately and his whole face lights up as if the idea is a huge one and he’s hearing it for the first time. As in:

  1. What if we had lasagne for dinner tonight? (shattering all previously held dreams)
  2. Would it be possible for him to get his own PS4? (if it happened, his belief in the powers of the universe would be reignited)
  3. What if the Li & Lu characters had magic powers? (this opened up the dialogue all the way to basketball practice)

He said that maybe they could shoot fire from their hands and a few other things that I already forgot because the description got so convoluted that I lost track.

I asked how they would get these powers and that answer lasted for the entire trip through the woods.

Maybe they have it in their blood. Maybe they get it if they say certain words. Maybe we could use some Latin and then twist it around a little so they had to say specific things in just the right order.

Dear reader, can you see where I get this stuff? I only need to get on my bike and ride to basketball practice to potentially put together an entire section of our next book, maybe an entirely new plot twist, or maybe a whole new series.

How do we learn what to do in our lives? What helps us make decisions?

Listen. Feel. Be aware. Be open to it. Let it come at any time.

I might have had a long meeting with a professional fantasy consultant and not come as far as we did while we biked through the woods and weaved in a few points about the practice along the way.

Is Lu going to see the light of day?

I don’t think I could hold him back if I wanted to.

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