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Do you have any idea what your “service providers” really do?

Do you have any idea what your “service providers” really do?

If you have ever waited tables, you usually have more respect for the wait staff at the restaurant.

Why? Because you understand what they’re going through.

By “Service Providers,” I’m just completely blanketing anything I can think of:

  • Teachers,
  • Tax attorney,
  • Restaurant staff,
  • Trash collector,
  • Tax collector,
  • Basketball coach,
  • You know, basically anyone.

I’m the coach of a basketball team. They are a group of eleven 9, 10, and 11-year olds. I coach practice twice a week and a game on the weekend. That’s what, maybe 4 to 6 hours of a week.

I just want to give all due respect to teachers of kids of, well, just about any age.

I have 11 of them. Teachers have more. I’m teaching them something they’re supposed to like, something that, usually, they want to do, they like doing.

And sometimes? It’s a nightmare.

At varying times and sometimes simultaneously, I have to be a:

  1. policeman,
  2. detective,
  3. mind reader,
  4. kindergarten teacher,
  5. judge,
  6. dad,
  7. joker,
  8. tough guy,
  9. oh yeah, and: basketball coach.

I won’t bore you with the details of just how much, ahem, “fun” a group of young kids can be for an hour and a half in a gym on a Wednesday afternoon.

I will say this: teachers? You are rock stars.

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