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Less Resistance and More Persistence

Less Resistance and More Persistence

Let it go and keep going.

What matters more? Which is harder to overcome?

What matters more? Which is harder to overcome?

But you have to let it go before you can keep it going.

But you can’t keep it going if you can’t get started.

Now that I’m well into persistence, I see resistance as less of an issue. It’s because I’m in the middle of it that resistance is no longer an issue.

Sports is always an easy and effective analogy. If I’m in shape then another sports challenge isn’t as big of a deal. If you want me to run a marathon and I’ve been running 10k’s then sure, it’ll be a challenge, but I know what I need to do. Or even if the challenge were a triathlon and I’m not a good swimmer but I’m strong in cycling and OK in running, I wouldn’t be as resistant.

Editor’s note: I heard this phrase today on a class and it struck me enough to text myself to remember it. I didn’t need the text to remember, I remembered. Usually when something strikes a cord, I want/need to write about it to dig a little deeper into it, to see what it means to me. That’s what I’m doing here. But, this time anyway, I’m not sure there’s that much more to dig into, maybe the concept is just that simple.

If I had to choose (and I don’t), I’d say resistance is tougher. It’s that Day 1, it’s the first step that most people find difficult. Then persisting, keeping it up isn’t so hard once you’ve broken down that first barrier.


  1. Darcey

    Great reminder to keep going, Bradley! I find there is much resistance in the beginning–and sometimes even a couple weeks in when I start something new. Persistence is definitely key for anything worthwhile. Love your sports analogy. Once you’re in shape, the next challenge isn’t so intimidating. That can be applied to many life challenges–even a home renovation! Once you’ve tackled one room–the rest will be easier. You’ll have already developed your space clearing “muscles” and have done the legwork on acquiring the majority of materials needed for the transformation. From there, the rest should be easier 🙂

    • Bradley

      As I read your post, I physically feel how different challenges affect us. For example, writing is now as easy for me as brushing my teeth. Running (or cycling or sports) are just physical and fun and so rewarding. But then you get into home renovation or a decluttering project and I can feel the fear and am hesitation. I don’t know where to start. I go into our storage room and it looks like a miniature Manhattan: stuff, clutter, busy and overwhelming.

      But if I follow my own example of starting small, just a step at a time, as you say, the next project will be easier. Maybe I just need to start with a box or a shelf, not an entire room–and especially not the storage room (the black hole of everything). Thanks for the comment, I’ll take a stab at a box …



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