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Celebrate slowly killing off your past.

Celebrate slowly killing off your past.

Bye bye, Chinyanya. It was real. It was good. But it wasn’t real good.

Bye bye, Chinyanya.

Bye bye, Chinyanya.

Do you let go of what might be holding you to your past? We’re not talking about the past that you want to hold onto and cherish, we’re talking about the baggage you want to leave at the lost and found and mark it as “Found & Lost.”

To explain the vague reference, Chinyanya was the name of a reseller hosting server that I just closed down. The name comes from Likoma Island, the namesake of my former branding and design agency and Chinyanya is a town on the island.

It’s not just a reseller hosting server I’m letting go, it’s part of what I did, my job, my business, my career (cough, cough). It was a service I provided and at one time was proud of and put food on the table and made relatively good money.

Make a clean break from the past.

Bye bye, Chinyanya.

Bye bye, Chinyanya. Reading on Likoma Island.

I used to name my reseller servers based on towns or regions in or around Likoma. It was Brand Architecture at its best (I also previously worked for a naming and branding firm). Keep the names in the same family for consistency, brand recognition and just plain fun.

No one but me (and a few dozen people who live there–but who probably don’t realize I named my server after it) knew of Chinyanya’s existence as a server, so why celebrate its end? Because it’s enough that I knew it existed. It was weighing me down and a part of a past I’m done with.

It’s time to move on from Chinyanya and let it fall back into its slow life as a town on the island of Likoma in Lake Malawi off the coast of Mozambique.

Some parts of your past just don’t want to leave, but if you ask them nicely and let them know that there is no staying, they will go. Some might hold on tight and force to rap their knuckles with a paddle as they cling to the edge of your sailboat. But you’re going too fast and you have too much power and force and wind to slow down. They will eventually lose their grip and you can curl that last finger and let them slide off of your sailboat and never return.

It lightens my load, my step, the weight on my shoulders. It’s one thing that’s now gone, one less thing I need to concern my brain with. Bye bye Chinyanya.

P.S. Just two more servers to go. Can you find Chiweta and Chizumulu?

In church on Likoma Island.

In church on Likoma Island.

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