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How much is that crystal ball in the window?

How much is that crystal ball in the window?

When will know if we did the right thing?

When you’re struggling, you doubt. When you doubt, you worry. When you worry, you stress. When you stress, most things go wrong.

How can you stem the flow, turn off the downward spiral that brings you down, down, down into the oblivion of reason?

If you had a crystal ball that told you the future, would it truly help you to see it?

Here’s the thing about the future: it’s unknown. That’s the good news and the bad news at the same time. If it were known, it would change the present, which would then change the future and it would all just be a huge mess.

Although it seems like it would solve everything, the answer is no. We need to learn from our mistakes, we need to study to learn and we need to fail to succeed. If we only took the steps that led to success and there was no learning, mistakes or failure, where would we be? Who would we be?

It’s back to the old “it’s the journey not the destination” cliché. The thing about clichés is that there is usually a hefty element of truth in them. As much as I’m dying to know the future of my son’s school career, I can’t know anything more than what happens today. I can do my best, I can ask his best, but we have today and today only. Yesterday was fun, tomorrow might be fantastic, but there’s today staring back at us, unwavering in its consistency and determination.

When will know in the future if what we did in the past was the right thing to do? We’ll know when we know. But that day can’t be compared to today as tomorrow is not today as much as a redwood tree seed is not a redwood tree.

How much is that crystal ball in the window?

How much is that crystal ball in the window?

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