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I Couldn’t Resist

I Couldn’t Resist

The bartender just had to bring us his favorite beer.

He couldn’t not do it. He was passionate about his beers, he couldn’t stop talking about them–as long as we would listen.

Someone is bound to find you more interesting if you’re interested.

It almost doesn’t matter what you’re interested in, just that that you’re interested in something. Better yet, passionate about something. If you care so much about a topic, I’m going to more interested in hearing about it.

It’s not so much that I want to learn more about the topic, but it’s fun to hear you talk about it. I feel your passion, I see your determination, I hear your voice. If you’re passionate about it, I’m immediately more passionate about it.

Without going into great detaii, know that this works the other way as well. If you’re not interested in something, people notice it as well.

Passionate about something? Let it shine. You never know who might be watching.

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