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Book Launch Number Goals -- Can you help me get there?

What gets measured gets improved. Let me get out the tape measure.

As of today, there are three numbers I’m shooting for.

Pre Orders


By Oct. 17


Reviews Goal

By Nov. 17

Technically, you can’t yet write a review on Amazon until launch day (Oct. 17). But if you join my Book Launch Team, I will gently remind you when you can. Thank you!

Facebook Likes


By Oct. 17

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  • Pre-Orders (Amazon)
  • Reviews
  • Facebook Likes

ESD Launches in








Even if you’re not a numbers person, they do help us see where we are — and where we’re heading.

I am a numbers person but even I don’t use them enough.

I don’t really know about how many sales or downloads or hits or visits. Or maybe I’ll have an idea, but I don’t necessarily do anything about it.

There’s information, there’s knowledge, and there’s action based on the information that transforms into knowledge.

You can “know” your numbers, but if you don’t take action with what you learn, then you’re just an observer.

Also, what will you do when you hit your numbers goal? Throw a party? Thank your supporters? Do you have a plan? I write this and think, “Uh, no, not really.” See? Perfect example right there: I have some numbers, I tossed out some goals, and it’s already helping me think–and act–towards what happens when I reach that goal.

On that note, ready to help boost my numbers? Thanks!

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