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If you need to get, then it’s time to give.

If you need to get, then it’s time to give.

Friends, money, fame, fortune? Give before you get.

I know no one, I can’t (legally) get a job, what can I possibly do to integrate, to get to know people, to make an impact?


Give whatever you have: time, experience, opinion, labor, friendship, even a smile. I have all of those.

Although you want to get, to take, to make (e.g. money), you can’t or not yet or it’s not going fast enough. What can you do?

What can you give? What do people around you need that you might be able to help them with? It’s very simple: do that.

Give what you can where you see that people need what you can give. Look around, talk to people, talk to anyone, steer the conversation towards how you can help.

Here’s how the week has shaped up:

  1. Tuesday: approached the coach about the help the basketball organization needs about coaching and said that I could help him out if he needs it.
  2. Friday: met with the teaching and administrative staff of the program my 12-year old boy is in at school as they asked for help of native English speakers.

It’s now Friday afternoon and I’m an assistant basketball coach and assistant English language tutor for conversation and comprehension.

What’s my goal? What do I need?

I need stories. I need to create stories of the young boys that surround my own two boys. I need to create, to write, to make something of nothing. To build on our tiny foundations of simple beginnings and run with it.

I need stories because they are what make up the experiences and personalities of my own boys, but also shape how I see them and how we create together.

How do I get these? By first giving. I give of my time, of my experience and my opinions. It costs me nothing I don’t have.

  • If in doubt, give.
  • If you’re in need, give.
  • If you have something to share, by all means, give.

Getting back is going to be a side effect, a benefit an unexpected windfall. But don’t expect it. Give because you have something to give.

If you need to get, then it’s time to give. [Driebergen, Holland]

If you need to get, then it’s time to give. [Driebergen, Holland]

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