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(Don’t) make every day the best day ever. 

(Don’t) make every day the best day ever. 

Let those awards cool down.*

* The awards from every single award-winning day you’ve had up until the non-award-winning day. 

There are off days. There are days when things just aren’t in sync. You don’t make the shot, the words don’t flow, you feel like you can’t even put sentences together when talking to your 9-year old.

Just let it go. Let it be. Let it be all wrong. Smile. It’ll be different tomorrow.

If you have a little bit of energy left and feel like making tomorrow a better day, try to think what happened today that made it slower or less in sync or just less good.

But what’s wrong with a bad day anyway? If every single day was award winning, wouldn’t it get a little boring? Maybe I’m not a big business capitalist enough, but I also don’t really get why companies are supposed to show growth year over year. What if they’re doing great where they are? Is that not OK? Why do cities have to grow in population?

Enjoy the off days. Rejoice in tomorrow being (probably) better. Figure out what went wrong if it’s bugging you. Otherwise, chalk it up as an off day and move on.


  1. Hermann

    Accepting it – facing the good feelings comes easy. Not running away from the bad ones is a prerequisite for the good ones to fully unfold.

    More of this Bradley.
    Merci mon ami.


    • Bradley

      This is excellent, “facing the good feelings comes easy.” But you’re right, “Not running away from the bad ones is a prerequisite for the good ones to fully unfold.” When we bought a dishwasher (a Bosch, mind you, my German friend … ), she said to not completely clean off the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. The soap needs some “dirt” or some “stuff” to attach to, to cling onto. The “clean” needs some “dirty” to clean otherwise it slides right off.

      The good needs some bad to keep it in perspective. Thanks for the note, Hermann!



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