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I Don’t Believe It When I See It

I Don’t Believe It When I See It

You can’t deny it. You can’t disprove it. You see it. But you still can’t believe it.

Let’s see, there’s:

But this is different. This is:

  • I don’t believe it when I see it.

This is magic.

If you don’t believe it even when you see it, when will you ever believe it? Maybe it’s not about believing, maybe it’s about accepting and allowing.

We had a dinner party last night and a friend was performing “close-up magic” (or micro magic) where you’re standing right there next to him and he just … amazes you.

We can see his hands. He’s wearing a short-sleeve shirt. It’s just a few cards or a phone or five $1 bills (that turn into $100 bills).

You see it, but you don’t believe it.

It’s right there. You see it with your own eyes. But you struggle to believe it. But it’s happening, you can’t deny it.

This is one of the most difficult concepts I cover in my upcoming book (upcoming as in the day after tomorrow!) Every Single Day.

Change is Possible. Change Happens.

But you might not see it. You might not believe it.

You might be at a point where you can’t believe that you can change, get better, get _________ whatever it is that you’re after or where you’d like to improve. It just doesn’t seem possible let alone probable.

I know. I was in the same boat. I thought that I would never write again. It was all right in front of me. There were pens filling the office supply store. Paper was everywhere. But me? Writing? No way.

Slowly but surely, I pushed, I pulled, I tried, I tried harder, then harder, then I let go, I gave in, I gave up, I allowed, I accepted, I asked, I waited, I looked, listened, and received.

I saw it all in front of me but I couldn’t believe it could happen. My future was quite a bit like the cards in the hands of the magician: it was there, but I couldn’t believe it.

I couldn’t believe that it could happen. But it happened. I didn’t believe it. I saw it changing with my own eyes.

That’s what I cover in my book. Getting from not seeing and not believing to seeing and believing. But we’re no longer talking about cards or $1 bills. We’re talking about your life, your goals, your dreams.

What are you seeing? What are you believing?

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