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Life’s Golden Ticket

Life’s Golden Ticket

There’s a saying among writers “Write the book you want to read.” For this book, it’s “Read the book I want to write.”


Life's Golden Ticket

Life’s Golden Ticket

I’m a huge fan of Brendon Burchard. I even quote him as part of the marketing copy for my own book “Every Single Day.” I believe that my book is a good starter book before you read Brendon’s “High Performance Habits.” That book is high level, high performance, for high achievers. I think that if that book is “too much” for you or you just aren’t quite ready, then my book (Every Single Day) is a an easier lead in to Brendon’s book.


Or you could read this book: Life’s Golden Ticket.

I’m particularly interested in this book more for how it’s written. It’s pretty much a self-help or personal development book disguised as a novel. Which is exactly what I’d like to do with some of my upcoming books.

He gets across the kind of information that he shares in his seminars and talks and other nonfiction books. But here he does it with something completely different that can reach more people in a more meaningful way: through the power of story.

It gets a little cheesy at times, but hey, it takes place in a circus after all. If you’re a fan of any sort of “spiritual awakening” books or even just a regular meditator, then you’ll appreciate the quirky, funny, and different approach than a straightforward story.

Through lively characters, great dialogue, and beautifully sketched scenes, Burchard secretly takes us into the world he knows, that of personal development and growth, and does it with the wink of the circus tent magician.

Step right up, folks!

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