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Let Others Help You

Let Others Help You

You may not believe it, but others want to help you.

Are you open to others helping you? Or are you more the type who wants to go it alone?

We all know you can go it alone. You’re strong, independent and want to make sure others know that you can do it alone. Yep, I get it. Been there, done that.

But have you done the math? Have you taken the class where 1 + 1 > 2? Even if you understand that math, you might still not quite believe (or understand or even know why) that others would like to help you. But they do. They’re out there and they’re looking for you to help.

People who want to help look for these traits in people:


It rarely matters if what you’re passionate about is what they’re passionate about. Passion works like a magnet and when you’re passionate about something, it attracts others to you.


If you’re hungry to learn people are hungry to teach. If you just can’t get enough learning every day, people will recognize it and seek you out to quench your curious thirst.


If you’re giving it your best, someone is going to notice (unless you’re operating in a vacuum). If you keep at it and show that you’re giving it your best, it will eventually be recognized. See the next point.


Will you never give up? If someone is looking to help someone, they want to help where their “investment” will last, where it will be a long-term commitment and not just a flash in the pan.

Follow Through

Are you going to take what you learn and apply it? Or just file it in your brain where you’ll maybe find it later someday. People who help are action takers and they want to see action. Action begets action.

They want to help you. Make it easy for them to do so. Be open to unexpected ways they might do so. Ready?

I’m filing this under Delegating. 😉

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