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Do we remember everything we learn?

Do we remember everything we learn?

Or does it somehow help us with something?

Are we just learning to practice learning? So that we can learn more? Does it help to even learn “stupid” stuff because when we’re learning the “good” stuff we’ll be in shape to learn?

I relate way too much stuff to basketball lately. But maybe this is like shooting free throws or layups. You’re not going to make all of them, you probably think you’re terrible and the layups are so easy you make almost all of them. So what’s the point? I can make 99 out of 100 layups. Why keep practicing?

When am I going to need to know what 5 times 3/8 is? What’s a tape diagram anyway? I immediately think of tape worm. Maybe it will help me with cooking when I need 5 times 3/8 of a cup of sugar. Or building when I need 5 pieces of wood 3/8 thick.

Is it memory or is it learning? What’s the difference?

I struggle with this because I honestly feel like I can’t remember a single thing I learned in school. Knowing what I know about the brain and all that its capable of, I’m fairly certain that everything I’ve ever learned is in there somewhere, but the trick is accessing it and using it again (especially when you need it … not when you’re in the middle of something else and you suddenly remember what 5 times 3/8 is).

On the other hand, helping my 10-year old with his math homework reinforces the theory that I do remember something because I remember how to multiply 5 times 3/8.


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