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UMM Thailand Ch. 13: Epilogue

UMM Thailand Ch. 13: Epilogue
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OK, fine, so there is no epilogue.

Note from the Author: I think I just don’t want it to end. This may be difficult to understand, dear reader, but I, the author, also don’t know what’s going to happen next with Charlie Holiday.

I don’t know if there needs to be another chapter here to finish up with his Thailand experience or to write some sort of epilogue, but I think he “thinks aloud” enough and we know enough already.

But I also want to know what happens in the following minutes or hours or days with Charlie there in Thailand. Will we have to wait for the next book to find out? When and where will that happen?

Update: While writing this post, I was drawn away to write what turned out to be Chapter 12. I just couldn’t help it.

Charlie doesn’t even know himself what’s really going on with this whole thing which then makes three of us who don’t really know what’s coming: you, me, and Charlie. We only learn when I write about it and I only know when the scenes come through my fingers and onto the page.

They say that if the writer is interested in the story then there’s a better chance that the reader is interested in the story. Personally, I can’t wait to hear what Charlie gets into next and I hope the reader feels (at least slightly) the same way.

On the epilogue note, I’m trying more and more to outline, even if it’s in my head or informally. Charlie knows that he could use some guidance, even if just a little nudge this way or that. But also, some bigger questions: what is the bigger picture? Even if he doesn’t know it, does the reader want to know? Or are they happy enough just bouncing along aimlessly as he does? Where is this book going? Where will the next book take up the story? What kind of timeline are we following? If any.

I don’t think Charlie cares about any of this stuff, but it might even help him, he might even be thankful to have a little more guidance in his life.

Have you noticed that I talk about Charlie as if he’s sitting in the next room? Yeah, that’s kind of how it’s working out.

For the moment, I want to get working on the next 53 days until Every Single Day is published. But I can guarantee you, Charlie won’t keep quiet that long. He’ll pop his head up and get into some kind of trouble, certainly unknowingly.

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