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Probably the best 7 tactics to promote your podcast you’ve never heard of

Probably the best 7 tactics to promote your podcast you’ve never heard of

Podcasts are a different breed than books. Should you market them differently?

I only really realized this in the past few years, but I am just a huge audio fan. Ever since the equation:

smart phones + bluetooth headsets = audio wherever I am

I’d rather listen to a book than read it. I’d rather listen to a course or workshop than watch a talking head tell me. Just give me the audio and I’m happy.

They say to “write the book you’d like to read.” I’m going with “write the post you’d like to read.” I don’t know the 7 tactics you might not have thought about to promote your podcast. But I will when I’m done with this.

I was on a podcast episode that hit the airways yesterday and I really enjoyed it. Well, I especially enjoyed being on it (Beth is great!), but it also got my message out there loud and clear. Well, loud just goes with the “loud and clear” but I mostly care about the clear.

However, how can we make it loud? How can that episode reach more people? Here are 7 tactics that you might not have thought of to promote your podcast episode–whether it’s yours or you were a guest.

1. Write a post on Medium has become the go to property for the place where you can write something freely that is not on your site. Sure, it doesn’t mean people will see it, but the chances are better than on your lowly, low-traffic site. Give it a go. Here’s my work on Medium. As of tomorrow, I’ll have a post there with the topic of my podcast weaved into it. Thanks to Deanne Michelle Welsh at Unstoppable Writers for this tip.

2. Announce it to Facebook

Make sure to mention it’s audio. In fact, how easy is it to embed it into a FB post? I saw that Beth did this on past episodes where right there in the post you could click play and it would play right there. Now, I bet this doesn’t help her stats on iTunes, but at least it gives her visibility.

3. Set up an Amazon Giveaway

In exchange for them watching a (short) video clip or a YouTube video, they’ll be entered in a contest to … win your book. Amazon Giveaways are a lesser-known contest that anyone can set up. You don’t even need to give away your own product, you can choose whatever you want on Amazon (well, I’m sure there are rules and regulations). Best bet? Give away your own thing.

See screenshots below for more.

Set up an Amazon Giveaway

You find this at the bottom of the Amazon sales page for what you’re going to be giving away.

Use a video (of your audio) as your requirement for the giveaway.

Use a video (of your audio) as your requirement for the giveaway.

Yes, you’re going to have to make a YouTube video of your audio. You can figure that out.

4. Guest post about the topic

I haven’t even mentioned posting about it on your own site because that wouldn’t fall under my wickedly witty title of “probably the best tactics” and all that.

But what about on someone else’s site? Find a site that’s relevant, contact them, post. Pretty much just 1, 2, 3.

5. Post an audio image to Instagram

This is an example of “I’ve never done this but I just read the title of this post (How to add audio to your Instagram photos) and it says that you can do it, so there. I will give it a go tomorrow and report back. 🙂

6. Upload it to Soundcloud

Thursday Thunder on Soundcloud

Thursday Thunder on Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a bit like the YouTube of audio: upload your audio and it’s there. Get your podcast (or maybe just a teaser) up there and share it as best you can. The service has nice, easy-to-embed services you can figure out.

7. Stop and think about it

That’s all I did. When I started this post I didn’t have 7 tactics to promote your podcast episode. I have half of one–if that. But I sat down, thought about it, looked around, asked others, and gathered what I learned.

Got any more ideas to promote a podcast? I’m sure this list hasn’t exhausted all of them. Let me know if you have some creative ones. Thanks!

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