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“When I’m not using my magical powers, I’m bored.”

“When I’m not using my magical powers, I’m bored.”

What are you magical powers? And why aren’t you using them more often?

Can you make a pencil levitate from the table? Or maybe you can see into the soul of those around you? No, no, I know: you can transform the frown of anyone within three meters into a smile. Hear songs in the wind? See history in her eyes? Feel life in a pulse? OK, fine, it’s just this: you can make a child believe in magic–your magic.

Whatever your magical powers may be, are you using them?

She told me she hadn’t used her magical powers in a few days and she noticed it–she was bored. I’m not even going to put magical powers in quotes because they are just that: magical and powerful.

It doesn’t matter what they are. They don’t need to be classified in a dictionary. Not approved by the FDA. No one needs to believe you, science doesn’t need to prove them, there’s only one person who needs to truly believe in your own magic: you.

I don’t need to know what they are. I don’t want you to scream it from the rooftops. I’d rather you whisper it to your neighbor on a flight (probably best that it’s a short flight).

Don’t know what your magical powers are? It’s easy to find them: what makes ants crawl up your spine to the base of your neck and, depending on the type of magic, often force the sides of your lips to rise slightly.

That’s magic. Whether it involves a pointy hat or twinkling lights is up to you.

But you have it. I know it. You know it.

Use it. Play with it.

P.S. Because I know I’m going to start getting phone calls, tweets, and knocks on the door, I’ll just answer it now. My magic is writing fiction. Oh, by the way, your magical powers can change over time.

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