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Sunday night is the best time to study for the test on Monday. I mean, right?

Sunday night is the best time to study for the test on Monday. I mean, right?
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series ESD KIDS

Cram for the exam. Fast for a week to lose weight. Practice piano all night for the concert.

Sure, cramming for the Monday exam on Sunday works once in a while if you can juggle all of that new information in your overwhelmed brain to squeeze by and get a passing grade.


This is Part One in the series “ESD KIDS” (Every Single Day for Kids) building up the content for the upcoming book by the same name due out October 17, 2018.

They say to “write the book you would like to read.” After the success of my book “Every Single Day” where I moved thousands of people to at least give a daily habit a try, I struggle to get my 14-year old son to even believe in the concept.

I’m not trying to grow him to NBA basketball size in a week. I’m trying to get him to benefit from building habits that stick. You know, like math. But even shooting free throws in basketball. Or, frankly, anything. Because it’s about the Growth versus Fixed Mindset and my son is currently a card-carrying fixed mindset young man.

That’s what I’m out to at least put a chink in the armor of. Welcome to the beginning of “Every Single Day for Kids” or ESD KIDS.

But what if you’d like to have more than a passing grade? What if you’d like to retain the information in your head longer than, say, Tuesday?

Sure, maybe you’re not 14. Maybe you’re not a 14-year-old boy. Then you might believe me. But my next book is geared towards kids. The 14-year-old boy segment might be targeting the toughest focus group of the whole lot, but hey, I might as well give myself the biggest challenge to get going. Maybe it’ll be all easier after this. Maybe younger kids will be more open to the growth mindset.

But that’s what I’m after. I’m not looking to move a mountain. It’s a pebble at the base. A change in the direction of the wind.

It’s a tiny change. A daily change. It’s not the big Sunday cram-a-thon. Sunday is a wrap up. A recap. It should be that by Sunday it’s all in there already and if you had to skip it to, say, watch a basketball game, it would be OK because the knowledge was built up over the week and it’s in there, it’s deep, it’s a part of the long-term memory.

Maybe it is moving a mountain.

I’m up for the task.

Why? Because I’m going to tackle it in small bits.

Every Single Day.

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