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Are you making the time?

Are you making the time?

You don’t have time, so you’re going to have to make some. Ready?

Of course, no one has any time. Not literally (we don’t own it) but also not practically (we’re just too busy, right?).

Time doesn't go at different speeds, although it may seem that way.

Time doesn’t go at different speeds, although it may seem that way.

Are you wondering why your task isn’t getting done? But you had all day yesterday! Even the entire week last week! Oh, wait, what? Oh, I see, you had other stuff going on. I understand.

So when are you going to make the time to force out the other time-consuming garbage that’s taking up the time from what you’re supposed to be doing?

Making the time consists of blocking out time that you can no longer use for other things.

That’s how you make time. You create it by giving it a place to live. Nothing else is allowed to live there. How strict do you need to be? That’s a question for you to answer. But here’s a hint: stricter than the ease with which you blocked out the time.

Just for kicks, let’s knock out some excuses (AKA real life) that will try to knock your blocks of time:

  1. My mom is in town,
  2. It’s my cousin’s surprise 50th birthday,
  3. I have to research door locks,
  4. I’m hungry. I’ll probably starve.
  5. I have to work.
  6. My client scheduled a meeting.
  7. I need to write this post.

They just don’t cut it. But then they do, don’t they? They manage to weasel their way in like cockroaches manage to live through an H Bomb.

So what are you going to do about it?


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