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Hey, just so you know. I’m not coming back down.

Hey, just so you know. I’m not coming back down.

There are mini “points of no return.” But there still is no return.*

Decisions come easier while traveling.

There is little–if any–external resistance. You can choose to sign off from the world as you know it and focus on your path forward.

The air is lighter up here. It’s more pure and clean and clear and, well, light.

I make a decision in my own world and feel not only zero resistance, but only energy propelling me forward. Even if we’re talking about the type of fiction I want to write, how I want to tell stories, topics that pretty much no one (well, except for those few and you know who you are) has any say in, care about, or even know or would understand.

But still. It’s a decision that I make and I choose to make it. I’m only on an upward path and there is no going back down. I’m having too much fun.

If I want to create alternate realities for my world of fiction, I can. If I want to go this direction or that direction, it’s up to me. Have you noticed that decisions, well, once you’re past 18 or so, are really up to you at the end of the day. We make too many decisions based on what other people might think, how they might view us, or how we might think that they might think.

Charlie Holiday is laughing. It’s almost uncontrollable. He can’t wait to come out and play.

He’s heading into the third person from where he can only soar and he’s giddy with excitement and anticipation of … the unknown. It’s going to be a rollicking, frolicking, and bumpy ride and he’s holding on with both hands — and ready to let go.

Ah, Dear Reader. If you have not the slightest what I’m going on about, it’s OK. I do. Keep that in mind. Your decisions are yours. Your path is yours. No one is going to carve it for you, at least, they shouldn’t. If they do, you can take a few steps, but choose your own path and head down it, or, rather, up it.

Ready? I am.

* Well, I suppose there is a return if you really wanted to go back to where you were, but once you rise up, there is just about zero reason to head back down.

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