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Looking for a mercenary or an assassin?

Looking for a mercenary or an assassin?

I think the saying is actually, “Why rent when you can buy?” But in this industry, renting is far more preferable.

When you’re committing crimes or looking to do something, let’s call it, unsavory or frowned upon, you probably don’t want that kind of ownership in your relation. This is time when a rental service has high marks over buying to own.

I can’t pass up a good sign. If you’re looking for more that make no sense, cause concern, or are just plain wrong, have a look at a few of these.

In the killing business, unless you’re in it for the long term (maybe you’re a hired killer, repeat murderer or were born into a corrupt dictatorship and have nothing else to do), you should probably hire services that leave less of a trail that will lead back to you. Unless you’re on a long-term killing spree, why buy when you can rent?

That’s what Rentokil has on offer. I didn’t see the entire service contract but renting to kill sounds pretty straight forward to me. I mean why beat around they bush? Why waste time on, say, a naming company who might take months, propose stall tactics like silly trademark database searches and the like, when you can just tell it like it is and let your potential clients know exactly the services you offer: you’re killing machines.

So when you’re in the market for cold-blooded killers, don’t tie yourself up with long-term and overly burdensome contracts. Get in, get out, get the job done. Just Rent To Kill.

Need to hire a mercenary? [Haarlem, Holland]

Need to hire a mercenary? [Haarlem, Holland]

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