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What tools would you use if you built it for yourself?

What tools would you use if you built it for yourself?

Say you’re a house contractor. You build houses all the time. But when it comes to your own house, what tools do you use?

Let’s say you didn’t have to answer to anyone, use anyone’s products because you want to promote them and money and time were irrelevant. What would you use for fun, for pleasure and to get the job done?

I’ve been building my own sites lately to promote my children’s books. I’m finding that I’m I have contradicting perspectives on how to get the content in there, make it look great and get the job done.

Amen! I’ve also been developing for WordPress for ten years, both personally and for clients. Yet I just set up my own personal blog on Squarespace, and I suspect I will be encouraging some clients to check SS out as well. So far I LOVE the simplicity of it. — Adrienne Adams, agreeing whole-heartedly that we want to use whatever is easiest when it’s for ourselves.

People who Walk the Talk are easier to believe, trust and follow. Do you use the tools for your clients that you would use for yourself? If not, why not?

I don’t care:

  1. What it costs,
  2. How long it takes,
  3. Who does it (although I’m having more fun with WordPress than I have in years),
  4. How it gets done.

I terribly care:

  1. That it gets done,
  2. That it looks professional and intriguing,
  3. That it carries my style and brand,
  4. That I’m having fun doing it.


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