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The day will start better if you start your day.

The day will start better if you start your day.

Give it a little nudge, but then let it awaken.

I had the alarm set for 4:44 to get a jump on writing. I got out of bed at 4:24 (without the aid of the alarm clock). I headed over to the office to get set up for meditation, but took a peek outside. I’m not sure why I noticed, but our garbage bins weren’t out and today is trash day. Ugh.

If you’re expecting great things to “happen” in your life but you’re not aware of the tiniest of events, the great things are going to have a harder time climbing over the corpses of the tiny events that are decaying behind the closed door.

I reluctantly went downstairs to gather the bins and bring them out front. Oh, the green bin is full, too and that’s out back. I dragged it through the house, trying to keep it quiet next to my son’s room–a son who won’t be up for 2 hours, but if he had his druthers: 4 hours. Not a stir from his bed as I wheeled the huge plastic container past his room.

Street was as quiet as you’d imagine at 4:31 and I brought the bins out. Back inside and by 4:34 I heard the rumble of the trash truck coming down our street. He doesn’t come at the same time every week. In fact, I have no idea what kind of schedule they keep as it seems quite random. But this was just in time if I ever heard of it.

I cruised into my meditation and was surprised when it was over so quickly. Hmm, could have been longer. The Gift of the Markree Castle (book #3 in the series) is calling out to me to finish it up as it’s lonely when a book is not yet finished.

It’s now 5:24 and I’m writing. It’s not just going to be a good day, it’s going to be a ________ day.

Really? An underline? Fill in what you like there. Make it yours. But you have to start it–and let it start.


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