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Book in a Box

Book in a Box

“The key to our process being so simple is that we remove the writing from the book creation process.”

They’re offering a service to get your book done and published without you having to write it. It’s simple, it’s crazy, but it’s brilliant.

I heard Tucker Max speak today on the Book to Course Summit and he was impressive in his depth of knowledge of the book industry. I didn’t know much about him other than he sold a lot of books (no, a lot) which had something to do with his adventures in dating. That’s how little I knew because that’s how little the topic interested me.

But the Book to Course Summit has some heavy hitters in the independent book publishing (and marketing) industry and he was up today, so I listened in.

There was no fluff. No mincing words. He says it like he sees it.

He talked a little about his Book in a Box company (where they’ll write and publish your book for you for $20,000), but not much. In fact, he gives away the entire Book in a Box process book for free. He’s basically telling you: there’s no secret, it’s hard work. Here’s all of the work laid out nicely for you. Go ahead and do it on your own. Or we’ll do it for you and you just pay us. It’s not surprising he’s successful. Imagine if the gym trainer said, “Just pay me and I’ll get you in shape. You don’t have to work out, you just have to tell me about how fit you’d like to be.”

What’s the Catch?

That’s just it. There’s no catch. They do the hard work so you pay them. Here are the basic steps as I understood them:

  1. Idea: What’s your idea? Make it clear.
  2. Outline: Create an outline of your idea.
  3. Interview: They’ll interview your content out of you. All you have to do is talk.
  4. Rough Draft: They’ll create a rough draft of your book in your voice.
  5. Editing: You edit, they edit, it’s soon done.

If you think your book will help grow your business, get you a better job or improve your life in some way, $20,000 isn’t a bad price. You could spend that much on a handful of weekend seminars. Ideally, you’ll make that investment back thanks to what your book did for your career.

Why am I so intrigued? Because I love the idea … and have thought about the business on occasion. Is it good news to hear about Book in a Box? Absolutely. There’s a market out there for it, people are paying good money and the business is thriving.

So what’s not to like?

P.S. I’m filing this under delegating. 😉


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