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This is a Regular Day. Or is it?

This is a Regular Day. Or is it?

There must be some regular in life. Otherwise, things couldn’t be better or worse.

Here’s a photo below. It’s not an especially blue sky. The snow isn’t sparkly. The trees are in bloom or even turning oranges and reds. It’s just a day. It’s just a photo.

Are some days just like this? Not sparkly? Nothing special about them? They just happened and not much happened? Sure, some stuff happened, but by even next week it will have all blended into the day before and the day after–as if we could even keep that much straight.

I don’t actually terribly believe what I’m writing. I’m just testing my effectiveness in trying to prove a point.

But we have to have some mediocre to enjoy those banner days, right? We need to suffer and work hard and feel pain to then experience the other extremes of all that. It can’t just keep getting better and better, Every Single Day better than the day previous. I mean, that kind of thing only happens in fairy tales, on the Disney channel and during drug-induced trips.

Right? Hold on, let me suffer a little. Let me just squeeze in a bit of bad before things just go off the rails and it all just gets too good.

No, I got it. I get it now. It doesn’t have to be this way, but we think it has to be this way. That’s it. So you can subscribe to one of a few camps:

  1. Life should be hard and then you die.
  2. Life is easy, but we can make it as hard as we think it needs to be.
  3. Life is easy and I’m just along for the ride.

It’s a decision. It’s one that we can make. We can have an influence on it. Try it.


See! I can’t do it! I can’t just pretend things are normal or average or regular. Maybe I just don’t want to, maybe I’m an ostrich and avoiding reality. But isn’t our reality what we make of it? Is there one single reality and we have to succumb to it? (I don’t really know what succumb means, but it’s close to “it sucks.)

I just don’t buy it. How many lives do we have anyone? Why can’t every single day be better than the previous one? And what’s better anyway? How about different? How about just one little thing that you appreciate on a daily basis?

I’m laughing to myself as I’m kind of annoyed at myself that I can’t write a “regular” post without diving into philosophy. 😉

This is a Regular Photo

This is a Regular Photo

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