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Sail: Harness the Power

Sail: Harness the Power
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If the wind is unlimited, invisible, and available, how are you going to capture it?

Even though I’m quietly hinting at our lives and our paths and power, let’s stick with the sailboat for a moment.

Such a simple thing, really: floating object, sails on top to capture the power source, rudder down below to guide the way. Now what?

to bring under conditions for effective use;gain controlover for aparticular end:
to harness water power; to harness the energy of the sun

Put those sails up and capture that wind. It’s there, right? It’s everywhere. It’s all around us, always available, unlimited, forgiving, plentiful, abundant, and all ours. We can share it, we can try to capture it all for ourselves. It doesn’t matter.

The wind just is and our sails are what we’re going to use to capture it.

“OK, non-sailor dude. Enough with the boats. Can we get to the point?”

I hear you.

I’m going to go out on a limb here or dare I say, go out on the plank. If the wind is all energy and it’s everywhere and the sails are what capture it, what am I getting at?

What if the wind were energy that we could use? We could capture it and use it for what we’d like to achieve or accomplish or become or get. So what do you want? Whatever: lose weight, make money, fall in love, travel, etc. It doesn’t matter.

If you’re the sailboat and the wind is energy or “something greater than ourselves” how can we get more of that into our sails for our own use?

Aha, this is the question you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Chart your course.
  2. Know your ship.
  3. Raise the sails.
  4. Hold on.

#1 is knowing what you want, where you want to go. #2 is knowing yourself, what you’re currently capable of and what you’re willing to learn and accept. #3 is changing your mindset and preparing for what’s to come. #4 is perseverance to keep going.

Know where you want to go or what you want to do. Know who you are and who you want to become. Allow that transformation to take place. Be ready for a bumpy ride.

Before I repeat myself again, let’s move over to part three: the rudder.

Sail: Harness the Power

Sail: Harness the Power

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