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Capitalize on your Knowledge

Capitalize on your Knowledge

Your knowledge is sitting in your head. How can you benefit from that?

No, but practically. Like, really, what are the steps?

Yesterday in the Thursday Thunder podcast, I talked about “What do you think is easy but others think is difficult?” and later in the day, I heard about a program that can take you from answering that question to taking it to the next level.

Business Around a Book

Jim Kukral (of the Sell More Books Show) has a new program out called “Business Around a Book.” What do you know that you’re not capitalizing on? How can you take the knowledge you already have and rocket it forward and build your brand and your business?

Sure, it’d be nice if you were a writer and loved writing, but it’s not a requirement.

I love finding programs or courses or books where I think, “I’ve had that same idea!” but I didn’t act on it. Then I find someone who did a better job, was more qualified and it was really their thing anyway. Jim Kukral has been talking about a “business around a book” for quite some time on his podcast and now he’s put together a free (?) collection of videos that showcase how people have exactly taken this idea to the next level.

There have been many articles and books about how the “book is the new business card” and I wholeheartedly agree. There are countless stories about how people, once they had a book under their name in their topic or industry, started seeing some recognition.

I’m certainly going to check out the videos and see what he has on offer. What’s holding you back from writing that book and how might that lack of a book be holding you back in your success?

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