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1,700 Posts in 1,700 Days

1,700 Posts in 1,700 Days

1,700: It’s starting to sound like a year something happened.

“In the year 1,700, something happened here.” — sign posted on a wooden fence in the forest of my imagination

The highlight of the past 100 days was writing Fiction in Italy. I think I can safely admit that I just like creating.

“Well, duh!” comes the cumulative sigh from the rafters.

But it was turning nothing into something. A blank page into a story. A scene into what might be the beginning of a character. As I wrote in the early morning in a cafe in Florence, Italy, I felt alive. Well, alive is breathing and heart beating. This is somehow, I don’t know how quite to explain it, a high of sorts, another level, on another plane.

  1. Time stands still (and flies at the same time).
  2. I’m not “creating” as much as I’m “channeling.” The story doesn’t come from “me” but through me.
  3. I lose track of space, current reality and pretty much everything around me.

It’s just glorious and I’d pay good money to get that feeling. I think I can understand drug addicts better if this is something like what they feel.

It’s as if I’m watching a film, but somehow I’m also in the film. Occasionally I’m an actor in the film, other times something of a director, but it seems more than I’m just a spectator, but the film is going through my imagination, down to my fingers and comes out on the page.

So, you know, I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

I’m getting more and more requests to reveal my secrets of Writing Every Day and making true changes in my life. But I’m also getting more selective with my mentors and who I listen to. Take my friend, Tony, for example. He’s 103 and he writes me letters that blow my socks off. I listen to him. Does he help me with marketing strategies and Facebook ad placement? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know what Facebook is. He’s still grappling with the concept of email. No, he’s a deeper source of knowledge. He’s an old wise man who you just listen to and, if you’re lucky, record and listen to over and over.

Decisions, even big ones, are easier (like which country to live in for the next many years). Check! Done! Next! When you’re in The Flow State, you don’t debate, you don’t agonize you just take The Leap and you don’t look back and you don’t regret. Decisions aren’t so much a part of it as just a knowing.

While I’m on the topic of making true and lasting changes to one’s life, do you know of people who are on such a path? Who might you know that would be a good case study for my Every Single Day book? I don’t want the book to be The Bradley Story. Sure, I’m a chapter, but one of many. Who else lives by an Every Single Day philosophy and is thriving? Let me know as I’d love to interview them for the book’s podcast.

I smile as I write this as I’m just so at home, at ease, and irritatingly joyful.

If that annoys you, let me lift you up. Side note: I’m not going to come down to any level of negativity or doldrums. Been there, done that. I can lift you up, but you can’t pull me down. Come on up anyway, the water’s fine.


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