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We’re just getting started.

We’re just getting started.

My 6th book was launched today. It’s exciting for sure.

But I’m at least as excited about tomorrow.

I often use running analogies. Today I finished a marathon: I published my 6th book. But this one was my “most important” book to date. It’s the one I care about the most so far.

But will it be my all-time best seller? My splashing foray into the world of self help and nonfiction? I don’t know. Maybe. Do I think it’s an awesome book? Absolutely.

But there will be more.

Lots more.

I don’t just write books called “Every Single Day.” I walk the talk.

The photo is from some new sketches by Tony, my 103-year old neighbor (of Chapter 32 fame). He retired about 40 years ago. He still “works” although he doesn’t call it that. But it’s what he did for a living. It’s what he likes to do. If you ask me, it’s how he has made it to 103.

Writing gives me energy, life, and love. I don’t know how long I’ll keep doing it, but for now, it’s what makes me happy.

Book #6 is on the shelves. What’s next? Book #7.

Ready? I am.

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