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Yes, you can do it all.

Yes, you can do it all.

But why bother?

It’s possible to do it all, do everything you want and get it all done. You’ll feel accomplished and proud and … probably exhausted. Not just physically exhausted, but emotionally and psychologically fatigued.

When my father passed away, I remember coming back to his house and see a stack of papers on his desk. Those papers were never going to “get done.” Well, at least not by him.

I can handle it. I’m strong. I’m determined. I’m patient. I’ll get it all done.

So what is it you truly want to get done? Do you want to write a novel? Run a marathon? Travel to Kathmandu? But you also need to fix the radiator and pay your property taxes. Oops, don’t forget about learning the piano and improving your jump shot. Don’t leave out teaching your kids about micro economics and the finer points of how to make the best chili this side of The Alamo. Get a new job, retile the bathroom floor and move to Wisconsin.

Yes, you can do it all, but when you’re prioritizing, think about which one you’ll most regret not doing. Start there.

P.S. I’m filing this under Priorities, not Productivity as it has lots to do with the one and little to do with the other.

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  1. Mom

    I certainly relate to this.


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