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No, really, you can adapt.

No, really, you can adapt.

We can adapt to just about anything given some time, patience and passion.

No, really, you can adapt. [Shower at Pulau Tiga Resort, Borneo, Malaysia]

No, really, you can adapt. [Shower at Pulau Tiga Resort, Borneo, Malaysia]

It depends quite a bit on why you’d want to adapt.

The facts:

  1. The shower is nasty.
  2. There’s a hole in the corner (the drain) that basically goes the ground (the hut is on stilts).
  3. There are pythons on the island.
  4. Putting #2 and #3 together is enough already to think about “showering” in the sea.
  5. There are sting rays and jellyfish in the sea.
  6. It’s just “my” sweat.
  7. My citronella mosquito repellent has quite a nice aroma to it.
  8. The shower is nasty.

It’s not looking good. We should run screaming from the shower. Run to the management and complain! Move to another lodging! Get out of here!

Why you’re going to adapt:

  1. There’s only one resort on the island.
  2. Snakes are more scared of you than you are of them. (Not many snakes were interviewed for this article.)
  3. Sting rays and jellyfish are hard to spot, snakes are slow(er).
  4. The shower back in Bako National Park was worse and we survived that.
  5. The water is warm–although cold is better since it’s hot enough outside to melt candles.
  6. You came this far.
  7. You’re a trooper.
  8. You’re a traveler.
  9. Life is short.
  10. There aren’t any boats leaving the island anyway.
  11. You’re stronger than you think.
  12. You are your future and not your past.
  13. You’re strong.
  14. You adapt.
  15. You just did.

Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

We’re stronger than we think. It all sounds scarier from further away. When it’s in front of you (and you don’t have much choice anyway), you’ll adapt. You’ll assuage your fears. You’ll start eating spiders for breakfast. You’ll become stronger. You’ll adapt. Don’t turn back now.


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