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It’s Dec. 31, 2018. This was my best year ever because …

It’s Dec. 31, 2018. This was my best year ever because …

Whew, it’s done! Another year, another … best ever. No, really.

I allowed that person who claims to be The Real Bradley Charbonneau break out of the costume he’d been wearing and bust onto the stage.

At the beginning of the year, the costume was only hanging on because a string that held the cape was stuck around my wrist. So the cape came off easily, but then I was alone without any “protection” to hide behind. It was the first year to be real.

OK, fine. It’s actually February 5, 2018. But here’s the challenge: pick a day early in the year and write a quick summary about why this year was your best ever as if it were the last day of the year.

I made strides in my writing career that make all previous years combined pale in comparison. I made inroads into my speaking and stage experience. I’ve experienced the “supernatural” (for lack of a better word until I find something better) in ways that I could never have imagined–now those were FUN.  

Speaking of fun, although I thought things were pretty light and fun before 2018, this year has brought new heights of collaboration and I’ve experienced first hand the true meaning of “Better Together” and have spread my New Math formula “1 + 1 > 2” and have famous mathematicians testing my theories.* One thing that many solopreneurs might not quite grasp is that not only is the output or product better, greater than the sum of two parts, but the fun and the celebrations of success and the reach of the imagination is beyond what we can comprehend as individuals.

Get & Give

A surprising aspect of the year was something that wasn’t even on any New Year’s Resolutions list (not even the second round version). It’s again an example of something that is hard to grasp when you’re struggling or still striving to ascend and reach. Although I learned the secret to happiness some years ago, I hadn’t quite realized that it wasn’t just an event or a thing you did. But rather, it’s a mindset, a question to ask yourself not once in a while, not when you think about it, but a way to wake up and ask not what’s in it for me but how can I serve?

In fact, if I could take one lesson learned and launch it back to any year in the past, it would be just that: ask not what’s in it for you but how can you serve others?

Life here at the end of the year, at the summit of the mountain on a crystal-clear day is full of simplicity. If you ask “How can I serve?” your work will be easy, powerful, and rewarding.

Let’s Do the Numbers

Because I am a math guy and this is fun trying to “predict” the end of the year, let’s see how this pans out. 

  1. I’m have reached 1,000 True Fans
  2. I have published at least the opening book (or follow-up book) in these series:
    1. Charlie Holiday
    2. Li & Lu
    3. Rick & Sally
    4. ESD
  3. I hit “trout” level of book income
  4. I was on a stage
  5. I co-created something that exists
  6. I recorded (or commissioned) at least 2 audiobooks
  7. I posted Every Single Day
  8. I meditated Every Single Day
  9. I have a plan for an event in 2019
  10. I have a rocking plan for 2019 that’s going to make 2019 my … Best Year Ever.

When I’m asked again and again, “Doesn’t it get boring to have every single year continually be the Best Year Ever?” I have a simple answer and it doesn’t take long and usually wraps up the interview.


Happy 2019!

Monthly Book Sales

Monthly Book Sales

*OK, everything but the famous mathematicians, but 27 out of 28 adds up to the best year ever.

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