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Books, like diamonds, are forever.

Books, like diamonds, are forever.

You’re concerned that your book’s topic isn’t timely? Not to worry. Your time will come.

Your time is now. Someone else’s time might have been last year, it might be next year, it might be now, it might be 2 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 6 days from now. There’s no way to know.

Books are Forever

Books are Forever

But if you’re worried that you shouldn’t write your book now because it’s not the right time for your audience, you might just be plain mistaken.

If you can predict the future, you should be in Vegas.

I’m collecting reasons to write books (as I need more … ). You see, I don’t need any more reasons, I only need one: because I can’t seem to not write them. But others are intrigued and others need more logical and rational reasons to write a book. That’s OK, it’s fun to embolden my non-rational and non-logical reasons.

Let’s take a book on training for marathons.

Simple. A book about running. But where are you now? Have you run 27 of them? You might indeed be too experienced to remember back to what it was like to train for your first. Let’s say you’ve run 3 of them. You can probably easily think back to what it was like before you ran your first. You know for certain that there are people out there who would benefit from your experience of running 3 marathons but would also more easily associate with you because you haven’t yet run 27 and you’re closer to the beginner than the expert.

WARNING: math ahead. 

If you’ve run 3 marathons and Penelope has only run 1 marathon, but Penelope is planning on running 2 per year and you’re only running 1 per year, when will Penelope have run as many marathons as you?

WARNING: quantum time leap ahead. 

But Penelope won’t even think about running marathons until 2018, then the question is: when should you write your book about starting marathon training?

(Spoiler alert.) The answer is going to always be the same. Whether Penelope needed your book 7 years ago, now or in 2 years, the time to write your book is now.

Now is the time to write about what you know now.

“But,” you interrupt and even hold up a finger. “Why don’t I write a book about more experienced marathon trying after I’ve run 7 marathons?”

You know my answer.

“Write that one, too, after you’ve run the 7 marathons, but write the one about the knowledge you have now today.”

WARNING: another future time lapse.

Write the book now and in 2 years you’ll thank me for pushing you to write your book about now … now.


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