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Brexit: Be careful what you wish (or vote) for.

Brexit: Be careful what you wish (or vote) for.

Iceland just beat England 2-1 in Euro Cup Soccer. “Brexit!” said the announcer with a laugh.

A few days ago, 51% of England voted on a referendum to leave the European Union. As I’m now a (practically) legal resident of that European Union, I have two quick thoughts:

  1. Yeah, have fun with that.
  2. Seriously? Would you like to think about it again in the morning?

Apparently, Google searches in the UK were very high the day after the referendum for, “What does it mean to leave the EU?” It makes you wonder what people were really voting for. Was it just the hype of politicians and sweet promises? Turns out, some of the people making those promises are already backpedaling. Oops.

But that’s OK, they won, they’ll figure it out. Right?

We’ve been making tons of decisions lately with regards to our move. Some small (which shoes to bring), some bigger (which car to buy). Some require a quick decision, others more research. But you’d hope that a huge decision, like the future of your own country, would mean people would get informed, ask questions and dig deep.

Who knows, maybe they did. Maybe I’m just surprised because I would have voted to remain in the EU.

How do we make decisions? When are they “gut reactions” and when are they studied and researched and formal? How do we know when to use which method? Or are there even guidelines to the guidelines!?

I’m deciding right now to stop because I’m going to run out of battery …


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