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If vision is 20/20 in hindsight, what is it for the present?

If vision is 20/20 in hindsight, what is it for the present?

Look ahead and then look back. What do you see?

You look back on the past and see clearly that you:

  1. Made a brilliant decision,
  2. Did something horrible you still regret,
  3. Turned one way when you should have turned another.

It’s so easy in hindsight–everything is clearer. The future might also be clear for you–or at least what you envision it to be.

But what about the present? How clear is that? Here’s a simple trick.

For your next decision, big or small, think ahead a number of years and imagine remembering back to this day when you made that decision. Try it with just a single year into the future, but then also with 10 and then with, gulp, 30 years into the future.

You might not always like the answers you give yourself because often the future you is wiser than the present you. But try to be that person who you will one day be and decide like that person. Sooner than later, you will become that person and you’ll be able to not only live with your decisions, but take pride in them.

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